I can sleep and walk without pain again

I used to run a lot, and I started getting continual pain in my hip and down my leg which got worse over the course of about six months, culminating in pain when I was walking and also trouble sleeping. Fay was recommended to me by a colleague and so I went to see her for some help. She did a thorough assessment and established that there was possibly some arthritis in my hip and a trapped nerve in my back. She recommended a consultant who confirmed the diagnosis and provided a steroid shot in my hip, which has made a huge difference – I can sleep and walk without pain again! During that period, I saw Fay around 8 times for PT and exercise, and she really helped to increase my flexibility and strength through simple exercises and manipulation. She has also provided an ongoing program of exercise which I can follow to stay strong and supple and hopefully reduce the chance of further problems. The arthritis means that I can’t really run again, but Fay has provided great advice on other sport and activities that I can do, and so cycling is now the new running for me! All-in-all, Fay provided a great service and has helped me to understand my issue and deal with it. I’m so happy that I went to see her.


My back is stronger and I am more confident

As a licensed massage therapist there is nothing more important to me than keeping my own back healthy and strong. I have worked with many physical therapists in the past but none as invested in my care as Fay. A disc surgery two years ago left my back healed but still vulnerable. Fay took the time to review MRI and OP reports in considering a treatment plan for me. Her assessment skills are spot on and her knowledge of the body as it pertains to form and function are impeccable. I graduated from working one-on-one with her to the pilates and yoga classes she offers. My back is stronger and I am more confident. Thanks Fay!


My sciatica is totally gone

I just completed a great rehab experience at Boston Back Rehab Center with Dr Fay Maneii. I have had on and off back issues for the past decade with pretty debilitating sciatica in my legs and at the urging of a friend, I finally decided to do something about it. After a careful and thorough exam, Fay was able to diagnose the problem and we spent 5 or 6 weeks (1 session per week with me doing exercises at home) creating a program that I can follow on my own. My back feels really good and my sciatica is totally gone. Her approach is thorough and professional, she’s an excellent communicator, and I really feel like I have the knowledge and tools to keep this problem at bay. I would definitely recommend her services to anyone I knew who has back issues.


I was completely pain free by the end of the 6 week- treatment

I have a long history of back and neck problems (scoliosis, ruptured lumbar discs, sciatica, TMJ, osteoarthritis) and have been treated by a number of PTs over the last 35 years. No chiropractor or PT in that time has come close to Fay in terms of knowledge, professionalism and above all — effectiveness.

My massage therapist recommended Fay three years ago after Fay helped her recover from a complicated back surgery. At that time, I had severe constant lower back pain and muscle weakness. Fay methodically examined me and took a detailed history. She laid out a clear treatment plan and referred to her notes each time we met (something not all PTs do) to remind me of where we were in the process and what the goals were. The pain level subsided significantly after the first session and I was completely pain free by the end of the 6 week- treatment. Fay gave me targeted exercises and tips about ergonomics and general movement and posture that I use to this day and which have helped protect my back. Her goal is always to prevent recurrence, something I appreciate because, really, what’s the point of getting better if you’re just going to hurt yourself again? 

Recently, I returned to Fay with a severe neck and upper back problem. I was in constant pain that worsened during the day and affected my sleep. After 4 sessions, Fay has me nearly pain free. She identified several habits (computer set up, position for reading in bed, etc.) that were making things worse. Yes, I have exercises to do, but because they are simple, effective and Fay is so encouraging I actually DO them!I have recommended Fay to friends who also have chronic back problems. They almost all say the same thing: I’ve tried PT, it didn’t work. But they haven’t had Fay assess and treat them. It’s unfortunate that so many of us accept chronic pain without continuing to search for better solutions. Fay is just that: a far, far better solution than anything else I’ve tried during 35 years of serious back and neck problems. I cannot recommend her highly enough.


I am able to walk and exercise again

When I walked into Boston Back Rehab Center my back was like CEMENT and I was in severe pain. I could barely touch my knees when bending over. Dr. Fay Maneii examined  my spine, reviewed my MRI and the previous doctors’ diagnoses to determine the best plan of care for me.

She started me on a specific treatment program focusing on restoring  the flexibility, strength, and mobility of my spine. When she sent me home with exercises she specifically focused on how to use proper forms to do the exercises. I knew the proper forms of doing my exercises before leaving the office  each time.

After 6-8  visits I was able to bend and touch the floor, something that I couldn’t do for the past couple of years. I have become much more active again.

I appreciate Fay’s persistance in helping me to get well again. She is a fabulous coach as well as PT . I am very happy I went to her!


I am running again after herniating my L4 and L5 discs

Ever since I discovered my love and passion for long distance running during the summer before ninth grade, I have dreamt of running a marathon. In high school, at the height of my racing career, I herniated two discs in my back. I consulted multiple doctors in the Boston Area to see what I could do. One doctor told me that I would never run again, but I was certain that my running days were not over. With great fortune I found my running guardian angel, Fay Maneii, an incredible physical therapist. She and I worked together for six months, and the hard work paid off because I was able to resume running. Over the past five years I have raced in four half-marathons, run numerous 5k/10k road-races, and rekindled my competitive racing edge. This year I will be running the New York City Marathon, and I have endless gratitude to Fay for helping me get to where I am today with running.


Has been a very positive experience for me

A friend of mine highly recommended Fay to me saying that she felt Fay was the most experienced professional physical therapist she had ever worked with. I was intrigued because I have suffered from chronic back pain for decades. I thought it was something I just had to learn to live with. After Fay’s examination, she told me that my problem was disc related, and that with effective exercises, stretching and strengthening, there was no reason that my pain had to remain. I thoroughly enjoyed the 1:1 initial therapy sessions. The hour-long format helped me to fully understand all of the exercises, and the rationale behind them. These visits also allowed Fay to coach me to ensure that I was performing them correctly. Each week she modified and changed the approach as my back improved and my core got stronger. I think the most important thing I learned from Fay was what NOT to do, and how I could alter my sitting, standing, and sleeping positions to improve my strength and to ease stress on my spine. I now attend the small group Pilates sessions and really enjoy them. The instructor is fantastic! She leads us through a series of gentle, but powerful movements where form is prioritized. I feel like my core strength has improved significantly, and my chronic pain has greatly diminished.  I am thankful that my friend told me about Fay and the Boston Back Rehab Center. It has been a very positive experience for me.


My back pain has diminished significantly

I have been in physical therapy off and on for the past several years after being diagnosed with Degenerative Disk Disease and having pain almost every day. Usually, I would make some progress and the physical therapist would send me home with home exercise program to do regularly .. Most times I kept up with my exercises for a while but did not continue because I had to do the same exercises .. over and over … so I lost my desire! I had an evaluation by Fay several weeks ago. After a thorough exam and great explanation about possible reasons causing the pain… she explained the treatment plan and how she will progress… I have never had such a great experience in physical therapy like this time, my pain has diminished significantly and I am more motivated to exercise as Fay continues to challenge me through a progressive exercise program so I will be ready for the IN-HOUSE Pilates and Yoga classes … I can’t wait to join the classes. Exciting!!!! Wish I had Fay as my therapist long time ago!! She is very skillful and truly passionate about what she does.


I feel like I’m attending private Yoga and Pilates lessons

I congratulated myself for selecting Boston Back Rehab Center in Winchester for treatment and maintenance of my back, hips and knee issues. I have spinal stenosis, hip arthritis and knee weakness. My reasons: 1) The instructors for Pilates and Yoga are very experienced and patient with their students. At first I was hesitant to do Pilates and Yoga exercises, however It turned out that the exercises are gentle and tailored to people like myself. I feel better after each session, 2) The class is small and I feel like I’m attending private lessons, 3) The environment is clean, pleasant and well lit by natural lights from outside and 4) There are plenty of parking spaces.


Able to sail again – and won a championship title

Five years ago, I herniated two discs in my lower back and naively kept hoping it would heal.  Unfortunately, this doesn’t happen in your 40’s.  My quality of life was suffering and the pain got so bad I was considering surgery.  Then, I found Fay and she convinced me that surgery wasn’t the only option.  After 7 weeks of therapy and at-home exercises, Fay introduced me to one of her Pilates instructors and over the course of 4 months the two of them changed my life by strengthening my core and improving my flexibility.  The pain is mostly gone and I have since resumed my active lifestyle, including winning the Interclub Dinghy National Championship 2016. As a bonus, I have lost much of the weight I gained the past couple of years.  I can’t say enough good things about Fay and Melissa – they are true professionals.


My mid-back issue is completely healed

I came to Boston Back Rehab after experiencing a mid-back sprain (most likely from an overzealous Pilates class). On my first visit, Fay did a very thorough exam looking at my entire back and core. Not only did she diagnose what was happening in my mid-back, but she also identified the cause of a longstanding hip problem I have had, which gave me lower back issues throughout my life. She also identified weakness in my sub scapular muscle caused by how I use my computer mouse. Over the course of 6 therapy sessions and my own daily work at home, my mid-back issue is completely healed, my hip is SO much better, my sub scapular muscle is getting stronger, I’ve got a new desk chair and sit/stand desk at Fay’s suggestion, and I’ve just graduated from PT to Yogilates classes, which have been great. Fay is such a gentle, warm, caring, detail-oriented person. What struck me  most about our therapy sessions was how gentle her treatment was, and with everything she did, she always asked, “Are you OK?” It’s obvious how much she cares about her patients’ welfare and recovery. I absolutely love working with her, and I couldn’t be happier with my progress so far.


My strength has increased and my pain has diminished greatly

Since I had my second hip replacement two years ago, I had been having severe quadriceps, ITB and hamstring pain. I had been going to one physical therapist after another with no relief. It was suggested that I needed to strengthen my glutues and thigh muscles and no matter how much I tried….nothing changed. Then I met Fay Maneii and my life changed. She is so knowledgeable and goes way beyond the call of most physical therapists I have met. She diagnosed me with a mal-alignment of the pelvis and spine not allowing the muscles to be activated properly so by correcting the spine and pelvis alignment the right muscles were able to be activated again and the overworked muscles had a chance to return to their normal muscle tone and my pain diminished. Fay realigned my pelvis and spine and now my muscles are firing as they should be and my strength has increased and my pain has diminished greatly. I am forever grateful to Fay for giving me my life back!

-Mary H.

I highly recommend the Boston Back Rehab Center

I have suffered with back problems associated with degenerative disc disease for the last 6 years. I have seen many physical therapists and tried every therapy recommended. Nothing has truly impacted me until my most recent experience when I met Fay. She has spent time finding exactly what works for me and helped me to understand my back issues better. Fay is more than a physical therapist, she cares about her patients and takes a genuine interest in finding ways to help them feel better.
I also attend yogalates class with Fay and Melissa. I have tried yoga over the years, but always ended up doing too much, pulling something, and ultimately stopping. The class they teach has been so great for me. They watch everyone closely and check in to adjust and assist you to ensure you are getting everything right. I look forward to class every week. I’m so happy that I have found something that I am able to do. I have finally found a routine that is working for me and I am sticking to. I highly recommend the Boston Back Rahab Center!


A therapist who with her caring professionalism, gives you hope once again

What can one say about a therapist who with her caring professionalism, gives you hope once again?
Who, because of her thorough assessment skills and genuine interest in spinal and chronic back issues, motivates you to keep going and not giving up?
Who has numerous ways to tackle a problem and the wisdom to change direction if need be?
Who can see through her mind’s eye, judging by posture, symptoms and other subtle changes, what’s required next?
Who can take motivated clients with both acute and chronic back issues to the next levels of functioning with less and less pain.
That …… Fay is just simply a remarkable therapist and teacher.


I would highly recommend Boston Back Rehab to anyone who has had back issues

I am so happy that I discovered Boston Back Rehab! This is precisely what I have been searching for, the next step after going to physical therapy but not quite ready for a typical gym. What you get here is definitely not typical. Fay, the owner is an incredibly knowledgeable physical therapist. The classes are small enough that you really get individual attention, which is so important. Fay and her staff are encouraging and motivating. They have given me the confidence to leave physical therapy and start exercising properly. I can’t believe that I am doing Pilates! The atmosphere is so nice; it’s clean and bright with relaxing music playing in the background. When you’re here, you feel as if you are at a private studio with friends. The instructors are incredibly knowledgeable. I have had back issues for over 10 years and visited many P.T’s, gyms, and programs. For the first time I am finally feeling myself getting stronger and enjoying exercise. I would highly recommend Boston Back Rehab to anyone who has had back issues, but also to individuals who haven’t exercised in a while or anyone looking to get into Yoga/Pilates.