Physical Therapy

At Boston Back Rehab Center we focus on providing physical therapy that treats an array of common back , neck and TMJ issues. Each patient will go through a thorough and comprehensive musculoskeletal evaluation by a physical therapist who specializes in spine , in order to identify the cause/s of the pain. A plan of care will then be designed according to each patient’s unique physical and functional needs.

Physical therapy treatments may include: manual therapy, dry needling, progressive therapeutic exercise including specific Pilates exercise components, application of Modalities, education in ergonomics and proper body mechanics, home exercise programs, education in independent pain management strategies, application of braces, and other pain management tools as needed. Referral to other health care providers will be offered when it is appropriate.

At Boston Back Rehab Center, the focus of treatment is on restoring the patient’s physical and functional abilities and assisting the patient in preventing the relapse of their episodes in the future. By helping patients improve their functioning and sustain the gains achieved in rehab, we ensure that patients will enjoy a higher quality of life.

Other Services

Individual Pilates/Reformer Class

Mat Pilates group class

Massage Therapy Service

Dry Needling