Individual Pilates/Reformer class

The Individual Pilates session is designed for patients who are ready to adopt a higher level of physical conditioning, using an exercise program that will not provoke their back pain. After a thorough physical therapy evaluation to determine the appropriateness of starting Reformer Pilates, a certified Reformer physical therapist will work one-on-one with each patient to achieve better physical conditioning and balance of the spine. The progression of the Reformer exercises will be tailored to the patient’s individual back condition and physical readiness, in order to ensure a safe exercise plan is adopted.

The appropriate Reformer Pilates exercises maybe also incorporated into the patient’s physical therapy treatment as part of the reconditioning program.


Please note that we will gladly see patients who are referred by other physical therapists to our individual classes if the therapist wishes for his or her patient to join the Individual Pilates reformer class to advance the patient’s back reconditioning and rehabilitation program.