About Our Practice

Unlike any other back specialist

We treat spinal issues beyond the back — including headaches and TMJ disorders

Everything is connected! Conditions such as TMJ, headaches, and neck pain can be related to back issues. Understanding the interconnectedness of neck pain, back pain, headaches, and TMJ allows us to be fully focused on the holistic needs of our patients.

Our approach is integrative

We help our patients sustain their rehab gains and achieve a higher level of fitness and independence, using innovative, research-based rehabilitation, Pilates and yoga exercise classes, massage, and health coaching.

Our practice offers group and individual Pilates designed specifically for people with spinal issues

Our Pilates classes are carefully designed by experienced physical therapists and Pilates instructors. In contrast with many conventional Pilates classes or gym-based exercise programs offered in the area, our classes are designed with the goal of reducing back pain, not in provoking it.

Years of Physical Therapy

Dr. Maneii (Fay) specializes in treating neck and back pain, headaches, and TMJ disorders and has worked as an integral member of several prestigious health care organizations.

Years of Pilates Instruction

Our Pilates instructors are certified and experienced in working with post-rehab clients to advance their fitness level in a challenging but safe environment.

Years of Massage Therapy

We specialize in rehabilitative massage, also known as therapeutic or clinical massage.

Our Mission

Our practice is research-based, so that we may provide the most innovative, effective and proven clinical approaches, helping our patients improve as expediently and safely as possible. We strive to achieve each patient’s unique goals by formulating an individualized treatment plan that is designed to maximize daily functioning and quality of life.  

Our goal is to help our patients sustain the gains they achieve in rehab and advance beyond basic home exercise programs, in order to prevent the recurrence of episodes. Above all, we equip our patients with the tools they need to put healthier lifestyle methods into practice and make lifelong changes.